4 Quick Well-being Tips

Christmas is sneaking up on us again, and the big busy is about to hit with end of year performances, presentations, conferences, reports....

We all know that our personal well-being is important, but at this time of year, who has time for that?!

That in mind, here are 4 short and to-the-point things to look out for over the next 3 months, to help you keep your sanity. Good luck, our thoughts are with you!


1. Know when to say no

Don't agree to take on extra responsibilities when your schedule is already full. Don't be the fall-back guy and give in to the pressure of being told "But nobody else will do it!". Do a few things well, instead of doing many things poorly.


2. Laugh often

Set aside a few minutes each day to be purposeful about laughing. This is a healthy way to release emotions and help regain, or maintain, a positive outlook.


3. Get enough sleep

Skimping on sleep is not an option! It is vital for mental and physical health. Do not think that you can achieve more by getting less sleep. You, and those around you, will pay the price...


4. Give your brain some space

Whether this is in the form of some quick mindfulness exercises throughout the day, or taking Saturday morning to yourself, make sure you schedule time throughout the week to switch your brain off. Do something you enjoy that has no connection to work.


If you'd like to have a more in-depth conversation about Managing Your Wellbeing, we have the course for you! Course lists for 2020 are now live, so follow the link to see when this course will be presented in your region. 

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