Improving Team Communication with DISC ADVANCED
Improving Team Communication with DISC ADVANCED
Improving Team Communication with DISC ADVANCED
Improving Team Communication with DISC ADVANCED

Improving Team Communication with DISC ADVANCED

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Communication issues are one of the most common workplace problems, but they can be one of the easiest obstacles to overcome. Our behaviour is a significant part of our communication, and each of us have our own behavioural style. When a team understands and appreciates each other’s behavioural styles, many misunderstandings can be solved, making for a more harmonious workplace and greater staff retention.

The DISC Advanced system is the basis of this course, with a full individual behavioural assessment to be completed prior to your session. The DISC profiling assessment tool has been utilised and trusted world-wide since the late 1940s, with the newest DISC Advanced system being launched in 2017. Only trained and accredited consultants are permitted to present and analyse DISC Advanced sessions and assessments, assuring accurate interpretation of assessments and presentation of material. 


General Information

This course is presented face-to-face over 5 hours. Its focus is on communication and behaviour, and is suitable for all school staff. Only private sessions of this course are available, as completing the training with your team is vital to its effectiveness. Please contact for a personalised proposal.

Leaders may like to complete “Improving Leadership with DISC Advanced” before scheduling a private session of “Improving Team Communication with DISC Advanced”.

Each participant will be provided with:

  • Facilitation of your session by a DISC Advanced accredited consultant.
  • A complete and in-depth DISC Advanced behavioural assessment report for both your natural and adjusted styles.
  • 5 hours of learning and support in understanding the behavioural styles, and how this can inform your communication skills.
  • An Action Plan template.
  • Optional, post course, one-on-one consulting (up to 1 hour) with your DISC Advanced accredited consultant, included in the course fee
  • Additional resources such as an advanced interrelated behavioural analysis, communication and coaching tips, and Supervisor Review template.
  • The team leader will be provided with a Team Report, mapping the behavioural styles of all participants.


Course Structure

Module 1: Why worry?

An introduction to the DISC Advanced system, and exploration of the importance of understanding your behavioural style and the impact this may have on yourself, your team, and your students educational outcomes.

Module 2: Recognising the four main behavioural styles

Examination of the DISC Advanced model and behavioural styles, with group activities for practicing style recognition. 

Module 3: Identifying your own behavioural style

Your individual behavioural assessment will be explained and you will be given time to analyse and clarify the comprehensive report.

Module 4: Communicating with style

We unpack the varying communication approaches employed by the 4 main behavioural styles, and how to adjust for styles different to your own. Time is set aside for activities and team building exercises.

Module 5: Developing an action plan

Complete your action plan, drawing on your new knowledge about your behavioural style and how it may be affecting your team and job role.


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